John Zawacki has been photographing my family for years, from the time my children were infants. He is the most versatile photographer I've ever worked with. He has done posed and candid photographs for my family, with the primary subjects being several small children (my two children and my Goddaughter, ages 3-5). Trying to get multiple children to look at the camera at the same time is usually akin to herding cats, but somehow John is patient and knows how to capture and keep the attention of the children long enough to get some beautiful shots! He comes to our house to photograph, which allows the children to be comfortable and relaxed, and he has also been able to capture some priceless candid shots of the girls while they were just running around the house. He is a very patient photographer!

In addition, John has photographed birthday parties for both of my girls. These parties varied in theme and activity from gymnastics to Kindermusik to arts and crafts to go-kart racing! There is one common thread between all these parties and it is that John has been able to take some amazing action shots of the children at the party! Finally, because of his talent for action photography, he has photographed my daughter during skating competitions. Even with the complication of low light and safety netting around the ice rink, he is able to capture some amazing figure skating photos of my daughter. I recommend him for anyone who would like a photographer for any event, from a studio style photo shoot to a birthday party to an athletic event to anything in between!

Christian Liu
Heathrow, FL

I posted a casting call for my daughter and her friend and basically got to pick and choose from many photographers. One of my choices was John Zawacki. When we got there he was ready to start photographing. He had a lot of accessories to offer the girls to use and they had the best time ever at their session.

We did three sessions that day..Each with a separate Photographer....and we spent the least time with John but had the best and most variety of images. I would highly recommend him and feel confident that you will get some of the best images you can possibly get.

The girls had the best time with of their best shoots ever.

Andrea Stephan
Palm Pay, FL

I contracted with John Zawacki Photography to take individual employee pictures and group pictures.
He came to our location which made the process run smoother than expected.
The turn-around time was less than a week.The photos were outstanding and we used them for our websites as well as literature that we had printed.
John is a true professional and we continue to retain his services on a regular basis. As we hire new employees, John takes pictures of them and then he super-imposed the pictures to our group photos. His work is detailed and his knowledge of photography is evident in the output of his photos.

I highly recommend John for any photography needs.

Rosemarie J. Grubbs

Marketing & Communications Manager
Buelow Financial Group
21942 Edgewater Drive
Port Charlotte, FL 3395

Just a note to say how great I find your photography.
The pictures you took of me (and others too) seem to capture everyone at their best!

Laura Bailas
Easy Street Band
Port Charlotte, Fl

John is one of the most kind hearted professional photographers I've every had the chance to work with.
His work is high quality and our shoots together are always incredibly productive.
His style is unique and he gives great direction.
John is always fun to work with and I look forward to our next shoot.
Thanks John for all your hard work and help.

Angela Lynne
Cape Coral, FL