I an independent photographer located in Sanford, FL.
My experience runs the gambit. I've done Professional portraits, event photography and commercial photography.

I heve extensive with travel, architectural, hotel and resort photography.

From historical to boutique, I have photographed over 580 hotels & resorts.

My work has been published in Central Florida Lifestyle Publications, Harbor
Style Magazine, Sarasota Magazine, Gulfshore Life, Industry Magazine, Herald
Tribune newspapers, Natural Awakenings Sarasota Magazine and Tips Magazine.
If you would like to view a few tear sheets click here

My roots in photography began in the early 1970's. Photography for me is more that just a profession. It us my my passion and my art.
My goal is to create portaits that stir the heart. That bring a tear to a mothers eye. That will live forever in the hearts of my subjects and their loved ones.

It is the artist in me that insists that no image leaves my studio without being the very best possible.

What I am not

I am not a Shoot and Burn Photographer.

There are a lot of amateurs that promise shoot and burn services. Promising hundreds of pictures on a CD.
Great deal, right? Or so it seems, until you decide to get some really nice prints made and you find out that the files need to tweaked, adjusted, color balanced or worse yet the exposures are too far off to produce a nice print.

As an educated buyer of photography, you should know that most good professional photographers spend 2 to 3 times the time spent capturing your images selecting, editing, adjusting and retouching the digital files after the session, before they go to the lab for printing.

The idea that you can just send files right off the card, to any old lab and expect to get beautiful results is an unrealistic expectation.

I am not in the business of producing pictures.

I am in the business of creating portraits, images and memories that will last a life time or more.

If you are looking for something more that just pictures.

Call today to schedule a no cost consultation to discuss how I can create a great portrait for you.